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  Diet Has The Potential...

Diet Has The Potential To Protect Against Cancer

Healthy Diet and Cancer

Researchers don't believe "you are what you eat" - when it comes to cancer - that disease is always a direct result of what is, or what isn't, on your dinner plate. However; studies into the association between diet and cancer show that food can have an impact in preventing cancer, or in reducing the aggressiveness of the disease.

At the American Association for Cancer Research's Frontiers in Cancer Prevention Research meeting, investigators have found that eating fish regularly as an adult, or soy as a young girl, or using a specific vitamin if you are a smoker, can help to protect against development of certain cancers.

Another study found that blood cholesterol, some of which comes from eating animal fats, doesn't control whether a man develops prostate cancer, but lower levels of these lipids may help protect against aggressive forms of the disease.

These studies on diet provide some of the strongest links found to date between diet and cancer , say the researchers.


Yan Bloklar